Topographical Surveys

Topographic Surveys represent the existing natural and manmade site conditions of an area. They serve as the basis for engineering design, planning, architectural projects, and others.

As-built Surveys

Unlike many topographical surveys, done before buildings or other improvements are added to the land, as-built surveys can be utilized during a construction project or after the construction has been completed. Requested by many industries, as-built show improvements to the land, as they appeared in a particular point of time.
As-built surveys can be conducted several times throughout the duration of a construction project. Their frequency and the number of surveys undertaken depends on the scope of the construction project. The purpose of an as-built survey is to verify that the construction work authorized has been completed according to the same specifications set during the planning stage and shown in the site plan.

Monitoring & Precise Levelling

The relative location of a structure can be monitored for movement either horizontally and vertically with respect to a fixed location such as Control Points or Bench Marks.
Monitoring is utilized generally to determine how a foundation or other improvement works affects the existent structures with the expansion and contraction of the soil.

Control Surveys

Project control surveys provide consistent and accurate horizontal and vertical control for all subsequent project surveys.

Setting Out

We offer a reliable setting out service for any size of project. Once a site layout design has been established with primary controls network, our surveyors can set- out all required design coordinates.

Rail Surveys

We provide accurate track information to help rail professionals build, upgrade and maintain railway infrastructure. • Track geometry • Track alignment • Clearance surveys • Topographical – Permanent way surveys.